AB Gift Certificate


AB Gift Certificates are usable for online orders on the AB website only.
AB Gift Certificates cannot be used for in-store purchases.

IMPORTANT - the cadet must be registered on the AB website and you must have the correct email address for the cadet's account so we can apply your AB Gift Certificate.

When you purchase an AB Gift Certificate here, you can have it sent to you by email or credited directly to the Cadet's AB Account. You can purchase multiple AB Gift Certificates and send each one to a different recipient.

On the Checkout page, you can choose to send the AB Gift Certificate to the Cadet's email address or to yours as the purchaser. 

You need to register on the site with your email address in order to purchase an AB Gift Certificate for your cadet.  Registration is fast, easy and free on the checkout page.

IMPORTANT - You must have the cadet's email address that's registered on the AB website in order to complete your AB Gift Certificate purchase.

Gift Certificates purchased for and sent to a Cadet are automatically added to the Cadet's Account on the American Burrito website and can be used immediately

AB Gift Certificate

Put AB Credit amount in the field above.

Now you can give the gift of delicious American Burrito food with an AB Credit that is emailed to your West Point Cadet. AB Credits are usable ONLY for online orders on the AB website. Tell someone you miss them, thank them for a job well done, give a present… AB Gift Certificates are the best!